About Us

TTM.Network is an international well-experienced IT company, whose majority of projects are specialized in tourism industry. On the international market, TTM.Network focuses on search and reservation systems, CRM systems and many other IT travel solutions for small and big offline businesses that are transitioning to online mode. After elaborating each project, we keep working on their continuous growth. Our developers dedicate themselves through the entire process of every project: from the start to the very end, continuing with their development and influence on the international market.

Our team has excellent deep knowledge across a wide breadth of technologies and platforms as well as in-depth experience and specialization in concepts such as Front-end and Back-end languages and frameworks, Web Design UI/UX and others. We are also proficient in server, network, and hosting environments. We turn any problem into a solution that are technical right and optimal for serving the needs of the end user, and lead to more profits in the long term. Our team is made up of creative, strategic, goal-oriented experts. We partner with many remarkable clients to build unique and effective IT solutions for business which will be also useful for the end-user. We are determined to re-imagine and challenge new ways and technologies and our concepts to make an impact on our future and business itself. We value the style of a workday process, which our team preserves.